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“The brand is not in question, it’s a well-known brand and the technology is widely recognized as being possibly the best in the industry.”

“This has to happen because many other countries are doing it and like usual the U.S. is just missing out. It seems inevitable, but with this country you never know if it’s inevitable.”

“It’s like a game, shutting down e-mail, locking the office. I think our bosses here are trying to embarrass the executives from London.”

“It was a bigger win than we expected. There’s a strong momentum to fight the federal ban in New Jersey. This is on the fast track. I want to get it to the Governor’s desk by the end of the year so by this time next year Monmouth Park, the casinos and Meadowlands will be packed with people enjoying a new form of entertainment.”

“Maybe I retire, maybe I don’t. It is so hard when you’re fighting against a rival and also against the three judges… I don’t know what else in the ring I can do to beat this guy.”

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